2020 Dodge Durango Specs, Appearance

2020 Dodge Durango Specs, Appearance

New 2020 Dodge Durango is one of the classiest SUVs that can arrive on the market in the upcoming year market. Now, we’re assuming that new Durango is going to be one of the strongest that is released in that category. Dodge has done so much great work to make him look that way. The best thing they could do with new Durango is to make him stronger than before. Guess what, they’ve done exactly that. We are so proud to be one of the first sites to talk about it this year so pay close attention. Now, we have some really important news about it. 

2020 Dodge Durango Front

2020 Dodge Durango Specs, Appearance, Style

We have more than high hopes about this SUV because Dodge has used all his team of designers and engineers to make it look that way. Now, 2020 Dodge Durango is made to be bigger than before. His platform is changed a bit and we can really see that it feels like a brand new SUV. Not only he’s arriving on a brand new platform but he’s also placed on a renewed wheels and some new tires. Everything that Dodge has done is to make new Durango stronger than before. That way, he’s capable to use all the power of the environment. The aerodynamic abilities are better that way. Now, Durango is made to have sharper edges than before. We can see that the front fascia is closer to the ground which really makes the airflow better under this car.

This time, 2020 Dodge Durango is made to be stronger than before. His sides have some new lines that follow the entire body. That way, it really makes him capable to cut through the air smoother than before. Not only that, we are sure that the rear part of Durango is made to have attached rear spoiler if you want it. That way, we’re ensured that new Durango is going to do all the work they can to make it run smoother than before. On the other hand, it really looks good. New Durango is made exactly by the choice of the customers. There are many new exterior color choices and we know that you’re going to enjoy choosing the one you want for your new favorite SUV.

2020 Dodge Durango Interior

2020 Dodge Durango Interior Style, Shape, Comfort

Now, the cabin is one more thing where Dodge is doing to take a closer look. We can see that 2020 Dodge Durango is made to be cozier than before thanks to more room that is offered now. The instrument board is made to look classier than before and to be available with fewer buttons now. That way, we are sure that Dodge is going to do all he can to offer more room for the passengers. New Durango is made to look classier than before thanks to the finer materials that are used now. Not only that, Dodge has mentioned that they won’t be using any plastic parts inside new Durango. That alone is enough to say that this car is classier than ever.

The infotainment system inside the new 2020 Dodge Durango is better than before. We know that Dodge has announced more functions to be installed there. What is special about it is that Dodge has announced that they’re going to take more attention to both safety and entertainment functions. We know that’s one of the secrets how you can attract more customers to it. We still don’t have precise details about those new functions but we know there will be more than just one new.

2020 Dodge Durango Side

2020 Dodge Durango Engine, Power, Performances

And now, the most interesting part about the new 2020 Dodge Durango. That’s his engine unit. Now, he’s estimated to use a brand new the 5.7-liter petrol-powered HEMI engine unit. We can’t be happier than now. This engine is incredible and it really going to suit new Durango better than before. Now, he can produce the 360 horsepower and close to the 400 lb/ft as the maximum torque amount. That’s a huge improvement that we can see based on his previous generation. It is more than clear that Dodge is going to pay even more attention to it in the future.

2020 Dodge Durango Price and Estimated Launch Date

New 2020 Dodge Durango is set to be released in March 2020 which is happening really soon. We know that this review is going to help you prepare for his arrival on time. Now, the price is estimated to be close to the $34k.

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