2019 Toyota 4Runner Appearance, Engine

2019 Toyota 4Runner Appearance, Engine

Looking closer to the Toyota`s 2019 lineup, we can`t imagine it without new 4Runner. Now, 2019 Toyota 4Runner is officially announced to be released. We can`t be happier about that news so we`re going to find out all the important news about this SUV. We`ve gathered all of them into this review so you can really see how great he can be. Let`s see every information that is available about new 4Runner. Trust us, you`re going to love every one of them.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Front

2019 Toyota 4Runner Changes, Review, Appearance

This new 2019 Toyota 4Runner is surely the model that the market deserves to have. We are proud to say that with new 4Runner, Toyota can make a lot of different customers happy. They can respond to the desires of many different customers, all around the world. Now, we are here to say how pleased will the customers in the United States be with their own type of 4Runner. This newest generation of this great SUV will be bigger than before. We must say that the customers in the US are living their life in bigger is the better way of living. Toyota is trying to make his weight a bit lighter than before. Now, the chassis will be made using lightweight materials. No matter about that, they’re still going to use some hard materials to make this vehicle stronger and safer.

Most of the details on this SUV are larger than before. The wheels on new 2019 Toyota 4Runner are now 21.0-inches wide. New tires will be added to make him more off-road capable. The front fascia is where you can really see how larger the details have become. There, we can see larger headlights which are placed really close to the grille. The grille is now larger than before and it is spreading almost through the entire front fascia.

What is also special about that grille is that it’s going to be made using only chrome vertical bars. Air vents are also larger than before because the engine will need more cooled air than before. The back part of new 4Runner will have the larger bumper that is made to be stronger than before. Also, the taillights are bigger and wider than before which is the great thing to increase the safety of this car.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Interior

2019 Toyota 4Runner Interior Design, Materials, Specs

As new 2019 Toyota 4Runner is bigger than before, we know that the interior inside will be bigger than before. The customers will enjoy this news for sure. More room is provided with bigger instrument board and due to the better organization on that instrument board. Now, even the cargo area is bigger than before. Customers with larger families that go on longer trips will love that news because they can carry as much luggage as they want. The seats are now also improved and made to be cozier for the customers. Better lumbar support is provided and better side support as well. Now, Toyota’s engineers have announced that heating and cooling option will be provided even in the basic trim level. That’s going to increase the popularity of new 4Runner.

Looking closer to some smaller details inside 2019 Toyota 4Runner we can say that there will be better ambient lighting provided. LED lamps are now provided for those ambient lights are we are more than happy about that. This time, infotainment system for new 4Runner is way improved. Toyota’s engineers have installed so many new safety functions that can help this SUV to become the leader among the family SUVs. Everything else is great for that so why this area won’t be covered. Toyota still doesn’t want to reveal all the information’s about this so we’re going to wait a bit more to hear something new about those functions. We’ll keep you informed the moment we found out something new about it.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Rear

2019 Toyota 4Runner Engine, Transmission, Power

At the moment, Toyota is being pretty quiet about all the information’s about new 4Runner and the engine unit is maybe the thing where they are being the quietest about. So far, we have heard only about one engine unit that’s going to be available for 2019 Toyota 4Runner. That’s going to be 4.0-liter V6 engine unit. This one can provide the power of 270 horses and more than 278 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. A 5-speed manual transmission system is only one gearbox that is announced to be paired with this engine unit. Great thing is that Toyota added all-wheel drive mode for this engine unit but only in the higher trim levels. Those are the only available information’s we’ve heard for new 4Runner and for the engine units about it.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Price and Estimated Launch Date

$36k will be starting price for new 2019 Toyota 4Runner. That’s going to be suitable for this magnificent SUV. When it comes to the release date, we expect to see him released on the streets around March 2019.

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