2019 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid, Specs

2019 Lincoln Aviator Hybrid, Specs

Top class SUVs are just getting new member. It is called 2019 Lincoln Aviator and it is looking superb. It really deserves to be placed in that high class category where it is today. His previous versions were good but this one is really something. There won`t be some drastic changes when it comes to the exterior design but it`s going to be one great looking and superb when it comes to the performances. Let`s see what is so special about new Aviator. We`ve prepared this review just for you.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Front

2019 Lincoln Aviator Reshaped Exterior, Review, style

As we`re thinking, new 2019 Lincoln Aviator won`t be that much different when it comes to the exterior design. The Lincoln`s designers wants you to really feel they`re thinking about you. To do that, they aren`t ready to risk with some drastic changes on the outside. New Aviator will remain to be true representative of the full-size SUVs. It is big and it is powerful. Definitely the first thing you`re going to notice on this SUV will be his front fascia.

It`s going to be equipped with wide taillights and large grille. The grille is now placed closer to the headlights and it`s going to be positioned exactly above the bumper. This time, even the bumpers are reinforced which can make him safer and stronger than before. What is also important to know is that new Aviator is equipped using top quality materials. You won`t see that but it`s going to be important for you that`s for sure.

New 2019 Lincoln Aviator is arriving on 20.0-inch alloy wheels which are looking great on this SUV. Everything on new Aviator tells us that Lincoln really wants him to leave quite an impression on the customers. Therefore, we can see that all of the lights are now made to use newly developed LED technology lamps. They`re perfect because they`re using only the minimum of required energy. That is definitely something we want to see on new Aviator. With it, he can become true representative of its high luxury class. On the sides, we can see that Lincoln is doing their best to place some new lines which are there to make him look stronger than before. With it, new Aviator is looking sportier which is his way to enter off-road market.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Interior

2019 Lincoln Aviator Interior Look, Arrival, Appearance

As we know it, new 2019 Lincoln Aviator will be extremely cozy looking SUV. Now, it`s going to offer more room for the passengers and for their cargo. It is simple as that, Lincoln`s designers will try to complete some better organization inside to leave some more room for all of that. First thing they`re going to do is to reduce the size of the instrument board. Now, there won`t be so much buttons present on it which can make him look extra modern. Since that is done, new Aviator had to have larger touchscreen placed on the middle of that instrument board. Now, it is 10.0-inches wide and slightly higher positioned.

Using it, you can control almost all of the functions that`s going to be installed in this mighty SUV. When we`ve mentioned that, we must mention some of the most important functions that`s going to be installed in new Aviator. Some of the standard ones are: rear-view camera, emergency braking, parking sensors, dual-zone climate controller, satellite radio, traction control, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, Bose sound system, airbags and many others as part of the great infotainment system. Also, we must say that new Aviator can become the leader when it comes to the coziness of the passengers.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Rear

2019 Lincoln Aviator Engine, Transmission, Specs

Lincoln`s officials were kind enough to tell us about the design of new 2019 Lincoln Aviator but they won`t say us anything about the engine unit under the hood of this SUV. All we know are just rumors that are going around the web. They`re saying that new Aviator will be powered using turbocharged V8 unit. According to the rumors, new Aviator will be available to produce 450 horsepower and around 475 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

Together with 8-speed automatic transmission system, it`s going to work better than ever. Also, it`s going to send him all of the power to every one of the four wheels on this SUV. That is saying, once again, that new Aviator will be perfect for off-road driving as well. If we found out something new when it comes to the engine option for new Aviator, we`ll let you know about in a flash.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Price and Estimated Launch Date

The release date for new 2019 Lincoln Aviator is estimated to be April 2019, that`s for sure. The Lincoln`s officials are still keeping his staring price as a secret but we think that`s going to be somewhere around $50k, definitely not under that price this time.

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