2019 Honda CR-V Performances, Rumors

2019 Honda CR-V Performances, Rumors

The moment when CR-V had touched the streets Honda knew that they`re having something really special in their lineup. Due to that, new 2019 Honda CR-V isn`t a surprise at all. The biggest surprise about it is that it`s going to get a bit bigger which is great to attract the customers on the US market. Europe has already seen the best from CR-V, now, it`s time for American customers. Let`s see will new CR-V going to be that successful there as we know it was on the Europe field. Take a look at what you can expect from him.

2019 Honda CR-V Front

2019 Honda CR-V Exterior Design, Specs, Review

As we`ve already said, the biggest difference on the exterior of new 2019 Honda CR-V is that he`s going to get bigger than before. We can`t expect some drastic changes on the details style. Just take a look at his front fascia and you`ll see what are we talking about. It`s going to have that wide grille that we`re used to from new CR-V. Headlights are close to it and they`re going to get the even new generation of LED lamps, even though his predecessor is great about that as well. Under them, the fog lights are now part of the basic equipment of new CR-V. With it, the safety is improved to the max. The hood is slightly longer than before which is Honda`s way to make him sportier. All the previous exterior color choices are there and Honda will try to give some new ones as well.

As you know, with increased size, you must create slightly bigger overall weight. Well, new 2019 Honda CR-V will not gain some additional weight this time. Honda will manage to do that thanks to better weight distribution and thanks to better materials used. They`re going to use more lightweight materials than before. Now, almost entire chassis of new CR-V will be made from carbon fiber and aluminum with some hard steel usage for making him tougher. On the rear part, we can see that rear glass is larger than before but that`s just because new CR-V is getting bigger, it`s something Honda had to do. We are pleased with it because, with that, the visibility is increased. With it, you know that the safety is also better. Everybody loves when the safety is improved, especially larger families.

2019 Honda CR-V Interior

2019 Honda CR-V Interior Style, Changes

You know that when you have the true family car as new 2019 Honda CR-V really is, you need to take special care of the cabin design. New CR-V is definitely the proof how you can design your interior. Due to his larger size, we know that there will be more room for the passengers inside. Now, not only the passengers will have more room to enjoy, even the cargo area is improved. That`s great if you`re planning to take him on the long journey that you`re heading with your children. The ambient inside new CR-V is really pleasing. Just the addition of new ambient lights is great to make you enjoy more than before. You can now change the colors in which gives you even better control of this SUV.

The seats for 2019 Honda CR-V are also improved when we compare them with the previous generation of this stunning SUV. The materials are remaining the same as before but there will be more directions for adjustments to handle them. It seems that now, you can place every seat exactly how you want. That`s something that we absolutely love inside new CR-V. We think that new CR-V gives the right direction how all car designers should go. To be honest, we have no doubts that new CR-V can really become the leader of its own category in the next 2019 year market. The infotainment system inside new CR-V is something spectacular so we are sure you`re going to love that as well.

2019 Honda CR-V Rear

2019 Honda CR-V Engine, MPG, Transmission

Honda is car producer that is famous for giving various options for their car models. Due to that, we know that new 2019 Honda CR-V must be available with at least three engine choices. At the moment, we have found out about two engine choices. The basic one will definitely be the 2.0-liter i-VTEC unit. This one can produce the power of 165 horses and torque of 145 lb/ft. That`s more than decent. The 2nd choice that you can choose from under the hood of new CR-V is Earth Dreams i-VTEC 2.4-liter unit. This one can produce 190 hp and torque amount of 162 lb/ft as the maximum.

Both of these engine choices will be paired with the 6-speed automatic gearbox or with CVT, it`s up to you to choose. Great thing is that this will be the only transmission system and all-wheel drive mode is available. You know that CR-V is the totally different car with it. We mean it`s the better car than it was before.

2019 Honda CR-V Price and Estimated Launch Date

We know that starting price of 2019 Honda CR-V will be exactly $26.000 and that`s more than affordable. His release date is set to be May 2019.

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