2019 BMW X3 Release date, Specs, Abilities

2019 BMW X3 Release date, Specs, Abilities

Today, SUVs are the category that can make the difference in the market. Among them, new 2019 BMW X3 is the model that can really set some levels and that can bring some new inventions. BMW is one of the finest car producers that is more than ready to give it all so their cars can become the best. Now, X3 is great proof that BMWs designers and engineers had put all their effort to make him look the way it looks today. And, to be honest, it looks amazing. Read this review and see the pictures we give, you`ll see that it is one amazing car.

2019 BMW X3 Front

2019 BMW X3 Changes, Specs, Aerodynamic

The exterior of 2019 BMW X3 is, we can proudly say, amazing. Now, this entire SUV looks way stronger than before. That is thanks to the same new details and some new materials BMW gave him. The biggest difference we can see on this SUV is placed on his front fascia. That’s the way how BMW wants to make it looks sportier as well. The hood is now longer than before. On the end of it, we can see wider grille. That’s not the only thing that is different on that grille. Now, it is made using only chrome. With that improvement, BMW is capable to make him look classier. Having all that together, new X3 really is one great project. The headlights are wider than before but they are still made in BMWs famous shape.

Under it, new 2019 BMW X3 is equipped with bigger fog lights. With them, we are sure that the customers will have better visibility. The great thing about it is that thanks to those new LED lamps, they’re going to use less energy than ever before. New X3 will arrive on 20.0-inch alloy wheels and we are sure that off-road abilities will be improved this time. On the back, there is larger rear glass to increase the visibility. With more exterior color choices, all the customers will choose new X3 because they won’t have any excuse to say no to him. We are sure that all of you who read this review will love new X3.

2019 BMW X3 Interior

2019 BMW X3 Interior Style, Changes, Materials

Anybody who knows cars knows that BMW is one of the leaders when it comes to the interior designing. They are always trying to create something new and to improve the feeling that the customers will have when they enter this SUV. Using the finest materials is their way to provide something new for the customers. For example, this new X3 will have its cabin made using only finest Alcantara leather and some other materials. You should know that new X3 won’t be having plastic used inside. That way, new 2019 BMW X3 becomes one of the classiest SUV on the market. We can’t love it more. Inside the cabin of new X3 we can see some changes as well when we compare him with his previous version.

For example, the instrument board is now equipped with fewer buttons than before. The touchscreen on the middle of it is bigger than before. That’s the greatest way to make your vehicle extra modernized and ready for the demands of modern customers. Even the seats inside 2019 BMW X3 are made to be amazing and to make every passenger extra cozy and relaxed when they’re driving inside this stunning piece of art. They have supreme lumbar and sides support and the directions of the adjustments you can make and numerous. All the functions from the previous version of X3 are improved and entire software is upgraded to the new level. With it, the X3 becomes way better than he was before.

2019 BMW X3 Rear

2019 BMW X3 Engine, Power, Transmission

BMW is being pretty mysterious when it comes to the engine unit that`s going to be placed under the hood of new X3. According to the first information`s we have, his basic choice will be the 3.0-liter inline-6 unit. This splendid engine is capable to bring the power of 355 horses and torque of around 369 lb/ft to new 2019 BMW X3. We are sure he`s going to be able to handle that power. This engine will work together with 8-speed M Steptronic transmission system. This gearbox is amazing because it can transfer all the power to every one of 4 wheels on this X3. This time, top speed for new X3 is estimated to be exactly 155 mph and his acceleration time from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds flat. This time is perfect for this kind of SUV and we are pleased with it.

2019 BMW X3 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2019 BMW X3 is set to be $55k which is amazing and suitable for this kind of SUV. The release date is still hidden but we expect to see it somewhere at the beginning of summer 2019. Definitely not before July 2019.

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