2018 Toyota FT-4X MPG, Review, Engine

2018 Toyota FT-4X MPG, Review, Engine

Toyota newest concept is called 2018 Toyota FT-4X and it really looks great. This is definitely an SUV that is ready for the future. It is ready to be the best in the years that are coming. Even though we still don`t have that much reliable information`s about this model, we must say it`s going to be strong with really great engine placed under his hood. Let`s see what are those information`s that have been released to the audience.

2018 Toyota FT-4X front

2018 Toyota FT-4X Exterior and Interior Appearance

Just the first look on new 2018 Toyota FT-4X will be enough for you to see that this is one unique car and car ready for the future. Definitely interesting looking SUV. Now, it have two set of doors on the sides and one on the rear part. His front fascia is also interesting. It have great looking grille with square shaped headlights next to it. Front bumper is also designed in quite interesting shape which is surely the way that will make you turn your head when you see this model on the road. Even though his final version still isn`t available, we know that his chassis will be made using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum combination.

To be honest, we still don`t know in what category should we place new 2018 Toyota FT-4X, probably in small-size SUV category. He`s closest to that one. We can`t really say that much about his exterior design since this is still just a concept version and his engineers and designers could change many parts on this SUV.

One more thing that is also tricky to talk about when it comes to new 2018 Toyota FT-4X is his interior design. Toyota still don`t want to reveal any picture of it but they were clear in one, this new FT-4X will have unique interior design. It`s going to be completed with nice color combination and with nice materials which are soft to touch. We already know that there won`t be plastic used inside this SUV and that the customers will enjoy the ride inside. Seats will surely be designed with great lumbar and sides support which are great to make you cozy and relaxed. There aren`t yet information`s about the infotainment system for new 2018 Toyota FT-4X because his release date is still far away.

2018 Toyota FT-4X rear

2018 Toyota FT-4X Engine, MPG, Transmission

This new, concept model called 2018 Toyota FT-4X will be available with only one engine option so far. That will be one V6 unit which will definitely be available to generate 260 horsepower and around 271 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. This time, we`ve heard that this engine will be paired with 6-speed manual gear box which will be available to transfer power to every one of four wheels on this powerful SUV.

2018 Toyota FT-4X interior

2018 Toyota FT-4X Price and Estimated Arrival Date

This mighty SUV will be available to be bought for the price of around $40.000 and we can`t expect to see new 2018 Toyota FT-4X before September 2018.

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