2018 Peugeot 3008 Change, Release Date, News

2018 Peugeot 3008 Change, Release Date, News

There is no doubt that new 2018 Peugeot 3008 is capable to reach the top of the lists of the luxury SUVs. Even though Peugeot isn`t famous by creating amazing models, we know that this 2018 Peugeot 3008 will be one of a kind. It is obvious that this SUV model is the one they`ve created and invested so much time and effort. Let`s see what you can expect from this model. These are all the information`s we`ve gathered about 3008.

2018 Peugeot 3008 front

2018 Peugeot 3008 Exterior and Interior

Styling and exterior design is something you can recognize Peugeot for. This 2018 Peugeot 3008 will really be one of those which appearance you`ll remember for quite a while. His shape and style will really be amazing. It is designed with great care of Peugeot`s engineers and designers. Together, they`ve created amazing vehicle. This new 3008 will be equipped with amazing details on his exterior. For example, just take a look at his front part. There will be amazing grille design, brand new. Next to it, we can see longer but thinner headlights made with new LED daytime running lights. Under it, there will be larger air vents to help the engine getting cooled better. Basic choice for new 3008 will be 19.0-inch alloy tires which will make him look brilliant. Taking all this together, new 2018 Peugeot 3008 will really adopt new design language which will be more than brilliant and suit him better than ever.

First thing you`re going to notice inside new 2018 Peugeot 3008 is his large, 12.3-inch touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board. It is obvious that his engineers and designers had so many sleepless nights creating the cabin for 3008. You can really see French amazing style inside new 3008. His instrument board is designed with amazing pleasure and with great sense for details. His seats are designed to be really perfect for all passengers which can be found inside. Every one of them will feel really special and relaxed, thanks to better lumbar and sides support. New 2018 Peugeot 3008 will have so much functions installed that you`ll probably going to need more than a week to discover all of them and to find out how you can use them. Be sure that all of them will be more than useful.

2018 Peugeot 3008 rear

2018 Peugeot 3008 Engine

This great looking SUV really deserves great engine choices. This new 2018 Peugeot 3008 will be available with two engine choices and you can choose the one you love the most. First choice will be 1.6-liter inline-4 petrol powered unit. It can produce 120 horsepower and torque amount of 160 lb/ft. 2nd choice you can pick for 3008 is 2.0-liter inline-4. This engine can produce 150 hp and 180 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Top speed for new 3008 is estimated to be 110 mph. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with both of these engine choices and it`s going to make it available with AWD mode.

2018 Peugeot 3008 interior

2018 Peugeot 3008 Price and Release Date

$30.000 should be his starting price. Release date for new 2018 Peugeot 3008 is expected to happen at the beginning of May 2018.

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