2018 Opel Mokka Exterior and Interior

2018 Opel Mokka Exterior and Interior

The 2017 year will be full of surprises when it comes to the car market. One of the most interesting appearances at the market will be the new 2018 Opel Mokka the SUV of the incredible design as well as performances which will dazzle you at spot.

2018 Opel Mokka front

2018 Opel Mokka Exterior and Interior

There will be nothing ordinary or plain when it comes to the 2018 Opel Mokka exterior design. It will be quite magnetic and attractive with its boxy appearance and nicely layered front part. The vehicle will be offered in different radiant colors which will make it stand out of the SUV crowd. The interesting addition to this vehicle will be a glass sunroof. The front part will be supplied with smaller chrome grille and quite daring LED technology lights. The circular fog lights will be surrounded by the colorful frame and the wheels will be decorated with the colored parts in the same color as the vehicle.

The interior of this outstanding vehicle will be utterly roomy and quite welcoming. It will be able to receive five passengers and supply them with the luminous, heated and well-clad environment. It will also have the large cargo space which can receive their entire luggage. The glass roof will give enough natural light and all the windows will give great isolation of the outer noises. The inner surfaces as well as seats will be covered in leather with decorative stitching. This magnificent SUV will be fully equipped with the latest technological devices such as adaptive cruise control, interactive display with the information about the vehicle, full power accessorize, Internet connectivity, satellite radio and navigation. This will the kind of the interior no one can stay immune to.

2018 Opel Mokka rear

2018 Opel Mokka Engine

Despite of the change in total body weight the performances of 2018 Opel Mokka won’t be drastically changed. This stands for the engine options as well. The base engine option will be a 1.6-l VVT turbocharged engine with the production of 115 hp. Another quite powerful engine option will be a 1.7-l diesel type with the ability to develop an output of 130 hp as well as impressive 180 lb-ft of torque. Besides well-performing engines the new 2018 Opel Mokka will have the emission of the harmful gasses reduced which will make it quite environment friendly.

2018 Opel Mokka interior

2018 Opel Mokka Price and Release

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to purchase the new 2018 Opel Mokka until the first half of the 2018 year, but we are still hoping for the earlier release. In terms of pricing, this magnificent vehicle will be offered for the starting price of $25,000 which will make it quite popular to the wide masses and will be one of the most attractive features about 2018 Opel Mokka.

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