2018 Lincoln MKC Performance and Inside

2018 Lincoln MKC Performance and Inside

If you`re looking to buy extra luxury car in the future, well, new 2018 Lincoln MKC must be in the top of your choices. Lincoln is famous car company so we know that he`s surely capable of producing extra ordinary SUV. Just look to some of his previous works. Even the previous generation of 2018 Lincoln MKC was amazing. Due to that, we know this refreshed MKC will be stunning. There`s not much reliable information`s available about new MKC but we`ve manage to create decent review. Take a look.

2018 Lincoln MKC front

2018 Lincoln MKC Exterior and Interior

There`s not much things to talk about when it comes to the exterior design of new 2018 Lincoln MKC. Almost everything will be made as before. Some changes will be made but most of them won`t be iconic or drastic. For example, front fascia of new MKC will be exactly the same as before with some minor improvements. Those improvements won`t even be seen with your eye because they`ll be made to make him more functional. This time, all the lights on new MKC will use some newly developed daytime running LED lamps.

That means, technology wins. Those lamps are proved to use minimum amount of energy. Overall size and shape will also remain to be the same as before because, to be honest, customers are more than happy with how MKC looked before. This new 2018 Lincoln MKC will have newly developed rear glass, taillights and side mirrors. Grille remained to be the same, which isn`t bad thing because it looks stunning. More exterior color options are announced and larger set of wheels to help him go a bit off-road.

Cabin of new 2018 Lincoln MKC won`t be anything less spectacular than before. Everything inside will be spectacular and unique. Only finest materials can go inside MKC. This time, that will be leather, carbon and wood used. You can see that there won`t be plastic used at all. Seats will be almost totally restyled. Made with better lumbar support and with even finer leather. Heating and cooling option will be included and if all the rumors are true, there will be massage option included as well, in some higher trim levels. Other than great style, new 2018 Lincoln MKC will try to be more functional than before.

That means more functions installed and less buttons on the instrument board. Because of that, larger touchscreen will be placed on the middle of it. That touchscreen will be used as control for most of the functions. Some of the standard functions used inside new MKC will be: all-around view camera, parking sensors, blind spot alert, cruise and traction system, hands-free phone options, Bluetooth and USB connection, SYNC 3 connection system, better navigation and better audio system.

2018 Lincoln MKC rear

2018 Lincoln MKC Engine

Lincoln`s SUV aren`t famous about offering that much engine choices for the customers. At the moment, officials have released only one engine for new 2018 Lincoln MKC. That will be 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged unit. This engine will be available to supply new MKC with 240 horsepower and with torque amount of 270 lb/ft as maximum. Two transmission system will be available for new MKC and for his engine choice. That will be 6-speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmission system. It`s up to you to choose. Thanks to better shape of MKC, fuel consumption will be reduced to 22/31 mpg city/highway. Acceleration time is quite impressing. It`s going to take him only 7 seconds flat to reach from 0-60 mph.

2018 Lincoln MKC interior

2018 Lincoln MKC Price and Release Date

Release date for new 2018 Lincoln MKC will probably be around May 2018. We can`t see him available before that period. His starting price will probably go somewhere around $34.000 for his starting trim level.

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