2018 Lexus UX Review, Release date, Price

2018 Lexus UX Review, Release date, Price

Latest concept shown inside the Lexus`s company will be called 2018 Lexus UX and we expect him to really see the light of the day. It`s going to be hard to find out when will this SUV actually be released but we expect him somewhere at the end of the 2018 year. It`s definitely going to be one of the finest SUV placed on the market and we really expect him to be released with hybrid engine which can make him extra suitable for the latest demands on the market. Take a look on what you can expect from this, potentially, amazing SUV.

2018 Lexus UX front

2018 Lexus UX Exterior and Interior Review

No doubt that first look on new 2018 Lexus UX will give you impression that this is one SUV that is really ready for the future. Even though we aren`t sure that this will be exactly the way how new UX will look. It`s going to be placed in mid-size SUV category, the one that has the biggest potential among the customers. Front fascia on new UX is surely something that we`ve used to see on every new Lexus vehicle.

Especially that grille which looks awesome again. No doubt that is something that Lexus made as closest to the perfection as it can be. New 2018 Lexus UX looks placed on the 22.0-inch alloy wheels which made him look stronger than any other Lexus`s vehicle before. Every light on this car will use newly developed LED lamps and that will definitely be transferred in production model. Great thing about new UX is that he`s going to be offered with various exterior color options.

Interior is still tricky to describe when it comes to new 2018 Lexus UX because he`s still away from being released. What is definitely sure about new UX is that he`s going to be super cozy for the customers and that he`s going to be capable to accommodate 5 adult passengers inside. Even though Lexus still haven`t released anything about it, we know that inside new UX you can find only brand new, technologically advanced, functions. There will definitely be great balance made between safety and entertainment functions so new 2018 Lexus UX can be perfect for both younger generations and for families. We can guess which features will be installed in new UX. Some of the standard ones will surely be: emergency braking, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, parking sensors all around the vehicle, all-around view camera, blind spot monitors, overtaking alert and many others.

2018 Lexus UX rear

2018 Lexus UX Engine, Power, Abilities

As we`ve said, we are hoping to see new 2018 Lexus UX with hybrid engine option. To be honest, we`ve heard some information`s that our wishes will came true. This time, that will be 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol powered unit which will be combined with electric motor that will use lithium-ion batteries to make him run. We still don`t know what will be power amount that will be created from this engine but we are sure that it`s going to be adequate for the customers. What we know about it is that he`s going to have really low fuel consumption and we expect his driving range to be better as well.

2018 Lexus UX interior

2018 Lexus UX Price and Estimated Arrival Date

As we`ve said, we can`t see new 2018 Lexus UX released before November 2018. When it comes to his actual price, it`s still hard to estimate it because we still aren`t sure how new UX will really look like when he`s going to be released.

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