2018 Honda Element Exterior, Cost, Engine

2018 Honda Element Exterior, Cost, Engine

As one of the best small size SUV’s in the market today, the new 2018 Honda Element has an exterior that is very pleasing to the eye. Manufactured by the Japanese car maker 2018 Honda Element, this crossover SUV brings to the motor market a size that is big enough for the family to comfortably ride in, yet small in size in comparison to its peers.

2018 Honda Element front

2018 Honda Element Exterior and Interior

The exterior consists of a front and rear bumper that is a bit low, which ensures protection to the underlying parts of the vehicle. A low bumper also ensures that the vehicle is steady and stable on the road. For the driver’s comfort and easy driving, the wheels come as 17 inch alloy wheels and provide an exceptional driving experience for the urban road. To even further enhance the driving experience, the manufactures of this new 2018 Honda Element vehicle have put to good use the LED expertise which is easy to operate and also looks good. The headlights have also been enlarges and this proves very handy when driving at night, hence improving the driver’s experience. A camera has been fitted to view the rear of the vehicle, easing the operation of parking.

The 2018 Honda Element interior matches the exterior specifications with a large ultra-modern cabin offering much sough-after space. The family will enjoy this space very much and pets are also taken care of in this space. The navigation LCD screen is user-friendly to the driver. 2018 Honda Element the car is equipped with other features such as a HD radio, GPS system to help find directions and good stereo speakers for the driver’s and passengers’ listening pleasure. Despite its size, this compact vehicle can seat six grown-ups in the four seat spaces provided.

2018 Honda Element side

2018 Honda Element Engine

Much of the engine’s information is still unconfirmed but reliable vehicle experts are predicting that the engine high performance and will boast of a capacity of 2.4 liters. The 2018 Honda Element power output of the engine will be one hundred and sixty six horsepower and will move the car at a maximum of one hundred and twelve miles per hour. The engine of this vehicle will be able to use the fuel in the tanks to the utmost level.

2018 Honda Element interior

2018 Honda Element Release Date and Price

This well awaited SUV is expected to enter the motor market during the last quarter of the year 2017. Experts say the price tag of the vehicle will be estimated at between 18,000 to 20,000 US dollars when it enters the market. However, market patterns of demand and supply will also have a play in firming the cost.

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