2018 Honda Avancier Release Date and Performance

2018 Honda Avancier Release Date and Performance

Even though the first information`s about 2018 Honda Avancier was that this model will be available only on Asian market we can tell you know something new. It still isn`t official but we can say that new 2018 Honda Avancier will probably be available on the US market as well. Honda really prepared this model to be extra equipped and nicely designed. We know that Honda wants him to be one of the leaders on the market. Let`s see does new Avancier have what it takes.

2018 Honda Avancier front

2018 Honda Avancier Exterior and Interior

We must say, new 2018 Honda Avancier is really something new we haven`t seen from Honda recently. It is designed with great attention and with perfection. That pictures we`ve seen are telling us that new Avancier will really be one of the nicest ones on the market. His shape will be brilliant and other than great style, it`s going to be functional as well. We still don`t know where to start with describing this model. Starting from the front part he`s going to look stunning and breathtaking. Grille will be extremely sporty, thin but nicely designed. Of course, it`s going to be made entirely from chrome. Connected to it, we can see brand new headlights design like never seen on Honda`s vehicle. On the sides of 2018 Honda Avancier we can see really nice lines which make him even classier. Rear par of Avancier is styled with C-shape taillights which can provide him great visibility as well as great look and appearance. There will be numerous of exterior color options provided but this black we have seen looks wow.

We are still unsure how much passengers new 2018 Honda Avancier can receive. Basic trim levels can receive 5 adult passengers, that`s for sure, but some rumors tells us that new Avancier could receive even 7 passengers in some trim levels. No matter how much passengers it can receive, every one of them will enjoy inside. Seats will be made from extra quality materials. Even the basic trim level will have leather-wrapped seats. Instrument board will be especially stunning inside 2018 Honda Avancier. It`s going to be made from top quality soft materials and equipped with only minimum required buttons. Most of the controls will be transferred to the large touchscreen on the middle of it. There will be some of the most amazing functions installed in new Avancier. Some of them will be: rear view camera, parking sensors, collision migration, blind spot monitors, active cruise control, traction control, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, emergency braking and many extras we still don`t know.

2018 Honda Avancier rear

2018 Honda Avancier Engine

Engine units are still huge mystery for all of us when it comes to new 2018 Honda Avancier. We expect to see some hybrid engine option because that is what new Avancier deserves to have. Until Honda came out with some other information`s, we can`t say it`s going to be available. One engine unit which is almost definitely be available to be under the hood of new Avancier is 2.0-liter inline-4. This engine can generate 250 horsepower and 250 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine and to every other available for new Avancier. It`s going to reduce his fuel consumption which is also great news for Avancier lovers.

2018 Honda Avancier interior

2018 Honda Avancier Price and Release Date

Release date for new 2018 Honda Avancier is still hidden. According to the rumors, it`s going to be available at April 2018. Price isn`t that hard to estimate. We think it`s going to be released from $38.500 when it comes to the starting trim level of new Avancier. Some more demanding trim levels will be priced around $66.000 or even higher than that.

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