2018 GMC Envoy Exterior and Interior

2018 GMC Envoy Exterior and Interior

Eleven years have passed since its first release but the GMC Envoy model is still very attractive and desirable vehicle. After all these years it will finally introduce a new member, 2018 GMC Envoy. This will be quite powerful SUV with many interesting and improved features made in order to stay relevant at the market and even become more popular than its predecessors.

2018 GMC Envoy front

2018 GMC Envoy Exterior and Interior

The exterior will radiate with power and elegance. The 2018 GMC Envoy will retain the old boxy look with the sleeker edges and smooth lines. It will be offered in different metallic colors and placed on a potent alloy wheels. The luxurious outfit of this new model will be enhanced with the addition of the new chrome grille, remodeled bumper, and new LED lights. The redesigned 2018 GMC Envoy will be more powerful and adjusted to the all kinds of weather conditions as well as the rough terrains, even more than its predecessors. It will be made out of the firm but lightweight materials which will contribute to its low fuel consumption as well as higher performances.

The interior of the new 2018 GMC Envoy will be able to accommodate to 7 passengers as well as their luggage. The cabin will be quite roomy and covered in different premium quality materials such as leather, aluminum, plastic and some wooden details. It will offer massive leather upholstery which can be heated and adjusted in various ways. The instrument board will be remodeled and modernized as well with the addition of the touchscreen display with the number of infotainment as well as entertainment option. There will be a number of technological and safety features. Some of these are air bags, cruise control, air-conditioning, full power accessorize, satellite radio and navigation. The interior will be very pleasant due to the usage of the soundproof materials which will reduce the outer noises.

2018 GMC Envoy side

2018 GMC Envoy Engine

For now we are only familiar with the one engine option available which will be available in 2018 GMC Envoy. This will be a powerful 5.3 L V8 super-power engine which has the ability to develop an output of 302 hp which will enable it to be quite fuel efficient with the fuel consumption of 25 mpg combined.

2018 GMC Envoy interior

2018 GMC Envoy Price and Release

Since the initial release periods did not happened we will most certainly have to wait till the need of this year or till the second half of the 2017 year, which is even more probable. The price for the new 2018 GMC Envoy will be ranging from the $25,000 for the base model while for the more advanced models you will have to pay $33,000.

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