2018 Ford Explorer Price, Engine, News

2018 Ford Explorer Price, Engine, News

Try to find a person which isn’t a fan of Ford’s work and fan of theirs amazing models, you can’t find a person which can say that he don’t love Ford’s models at all. There are setting some great levels when it comes to the SUVs and trucks and today, we’re here to talk about new 2018 Ford Explorer which will definitely be one of the finest products which will arrive on the 2018 year market and we know that Ford will not let him go on the streets if he isn’t closest to the perfection.

2018 Ford Explorer front

2018 Ford Explorer Redesign

Looking to the many SUV models which will arrive in the 2018, it is easy to say that 2018 year will be the year of SUVs. New 2018 Ford Explorer will be refreshed in many aspects because we can see that Ford is trying to hide his exterior by putting hard camouflage on his exterior. Because of that, we can’t really see what changes will be there and what will it look like. New Explorer will definitely have his front part almost totally different when we compare him with his predecessor. There will be larger grille made with more chrome than before and with better and stronger appearance. Headlights will now use newly developed daytime running LED lamps which is great to make new 2018 Ford Explorer safer than before because it’s going to increase his visibility. Ford have announced that new Explorer will be made using more aluminum and more carbon fiber than before which can make him drop some pounds and achieve higher speed and better acceleration time.

Interior is still hidden from the eyes of the customers because we can really expect to see customers more than pleased with new 2018 Ford Explorer and his cabin. Design will be better and there will be more room inside new Explorer than it was before, thanks to better organization inside. What is sure about new 2018 Ford Explorer is that he’s going to remain to have that amazing seats design with both heating and cooling options for some larger and more demanding, more expensive trim levels. Some of the functions will definitely be improved and updated while some new ones are really expected to be added to make it even more technologically advanced.

2018 Ford Explorer rear

2018 Ford Explorer Engine

Even though new 2018 Ford Explorer is still covered with hard camouflage, that won’t be the most hidden part for this SUV. The most hidden part will be his engine and we still have very little information’s about it. The one which is rumored about is 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost unit which is equipped with the 400 horsepower at least and with more than decent amount of torque. When it comes to the transmission system, we expect to see the same 6-speed automatic transmission system. Fuel consumption is expected to be around 20 mpg on combined driving city-highway.

2018 Ford Explorer interior

2018 Ford Explorer Price and Release Date

We expect to see him arriving at the March of 2018 and we expect to see starting price of new 2018 Ford Explorer arriving around $44.000.

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