2018 Ford Everest Cost, News, Review

2018 Ford Everest Cost, News, Review

As we are used to, some of the best news for the 2018 year SUV lineup are coming out of the Ford’s company, today, we are talking about new 2018 Ford Everest. This new Everest will be released as refreshed version of his predecessor with main focus to make him stronger and more off-road capable. Because of that, we can’t really expect to see some drastic changes on his design and to be honest, he don’t even need them because we like the way he looks today. But, let’s see what 2018 Ford Everest have prepared for new Everest and let’s see can he be better in the mud than his predecessors was.

2018 Ford Everest front

2018 Ford Everest Exterior and Interior 

As we’ve said, new 2018 Ford Everest probably won’t be that much different when it comes to the exterior design and that is almost confirmed directly from Ford because when we saw him testing on the road, he had only little bit of camouflage which means that Ford don’t really have almost nothing to hide. Most of the changes will happen on the front part while sides and rear part will remain almost exactly the same as before. But, since Everest is full-size SUV and if new 2018 Ford Everest wants to be stronger and more capable, he needs to change one important part. That is his weight. This time, thanks to better platform which allows him to use more carbon fiber and aluminum in it, new Everest will surely lose significant amount of pounds, more than 300 of them. One more thing will be changed, those are his wheels, it’s going to be bigger than before, probably new 21.0-inches alloy ones.

Interior of new 2018 Ford Everest is maybe the most hidden part about him because we haven’t seen or heard almost anything official about it. All we know is that means only one thing, Ford have something serious in plan with the cabin of new Everest. We expect to see brand new instrument board because that is the thing we didn’t like at all in his predecessor. We expect to see less buttons on it, larger touchscreen and larger climate vents. Also, since new 2018 Ford Everest is full-size SUV which can accommodate 7 passengers we expect to see him being cozy and spacious but we know that we can’t expect amazing cargo room, at least not when 3rd and 2nd row of seats are up. When they are down it is a whole new story and wow is the only word you can use to decisive the cargo space then. Also, brand new SYNC 3 Infotainment system is something we can’t imagine new 2018 Ford Everest without. 

2018 Ford Everest rear

2018 Ford Explorer Engine

So far, we’ve heard only about two engine choices that you’re going to have if you decide to buy new 2018 Ford Everest. 1st and probably the basic one will be 2.3-liter inline-4 turbocharged unit which is capable to supply this crossover with the power of 280 horses and with 310 lb/ft as torque amount. 2nd engine unit that can be found under the hood of new 2018 Ford Everest if you choose him will be 3.5-liter V6 unit which can be capable enough to generate around 290 horsepower and torque amount of 255 lb/ft as maximum. Both of these engine choices as probably all of them which will appear later will be mated to the 6-speed automatic transmission system as only choice. This gear box can be capable to transfer all the power to everyone on new Everest. 

2018 Ford Everest interior

2018 Ford Everest Price and Release Date

Now, the part which may interest you the most. It is when will new 2018 Ford Everest actually be released and what will be his price. We expect to see him arriving at the beginning of 2018 and we can’t imagine him to be priced under $30.000.

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