2018 Buick Encore Exterior and Interior

2018 Buick Encore Exterior and Interior

With new 2018 Buick Encore just to arrive, it`s clear to say that Buick is one of those companies which are really putting all of their effort to make some difference on the upcoming market. There are a lot from Buick to show, especially on the SUV market. Due to that, we`re really looking forward to see new 2018 Buick Encore arriving in his full glow. Let`s see what new will be there and what are the performances we can expect from it. Here it is.

2018 Buick Encore front

2018 Buick Encore Exterior and InteriorĀ 

First thing that Buick`s engineers and designers had to do with new Encore is to reduce his weight. That can make new Encore faster and stronger than before which will be welcomed by the customers. New 2018 Buick Encore will use more carbon fiber and aluminum combination in the chassis than it was used in his previous generation. There won`t be some drastic changes made on the design area. Some small changes will be placed on the front fascia. There will be brand new bumper made with finer materials usage. Larger air vents can be noticed as well. Grille will be wider and made entirely from chrome this time. Headlights on 2018 Buick Encore will be made in the same shape as before but with new set of lamps to help him reduce energy wasting. His sides and rear part will remain the same stunning design as before. What is also great about new Encore is that now, Buick will offer more exterior color options. That is surely something that can make the passengers happier.

There aren`t a lot to talk about the cabin of new 2018 Buick Encore but it is easy to say that it`s going to be stunning and brilliant. This time, Buick will use only finest leather and some of the finest materials to make the passengers really enjoy the ride. This time, new instrument board is announced to arrive inside new Encore. That will be almost completely redesigned instrument board. New Encore will have larger touchscreen on the middle of it, larger climate vents and new dashboard made for the drivers pleasure. What is great about the cabin of 2018 Buick Encore is that it`s going to be completed with the better seats design. This time, Encore will have seats that will have better lumbar support and they`ll be equipped with heating option in some higher trim levels. When it comes to the space inside, we can say that it`s going to offer spectacular room for the passengers and for their cargo. More safety functions will be installed but they won`t forget to put some new entertainment ones as well.

2018 Buick Encore rear

2018 Buick Encore Engine

It is still unsure how much different engine options will be offered for the customers of new 2018 Buick Encore. At the moment, we know only one option. That will be basic choice for new Encore. It`s going to be 1.4-liter turbocharged unit. This engine is capable to produce 115 horsepower and torque amount of 125 lb/ft. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine. That will make his fuel consumption estimated to 25/33 mpg city/highway. Basic driving mode will be rear-wheel drive mode but in some higher trim levels, AWD will be available as well.

2018 Buick Encore interior

2018 Buick Encore Price and ReleaseĀ Date

No more than $25.000 will need you to buy new 2018 Buick Encore. To do that, you`ll probably have to wait until the beginning of March 2018.

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