2018 BMW X3 Performance and Fuel Economy

2018 BMW X3 Performance and Fuel Economy

Seems like German car industry is in full speed, working hard to beat its competition. This model year, 2018, will be one of the most productive ones, or, better to say, one of the luckiest years for German car fans. According to recent news, Bavarian car maker is working on the improvement of its X-line. 2018 BMW X3 is spotted on the streets testing, which gave us a chance to see what will be changed with this next generation.

2018 BMW X3 front

2018 BMW X3 Changes 

When it comes to the exterior of the 2018 BMW X3, it will keep its original shape, but it will add new design elements. BMW is working on improvements on the existing platform of the X3 and seems like the 2018 BMW X3 will enjoy all benefits from it. On the front end, new platform version will feature modified double wishbone, while on the back we can expect upgraded multi-link suspension. Bavarian giant also announced that the 2018 BMW X3 will come with latest generation electrical system. This means we can expect major improvements in safety systems, but also in connectivity features. New model will also come with more space. Its wheelbase will be longer, while luggage space will receive additional inches. Signature styling elements will keep up, but with small refreshments in details. The biggest styling changes are reserved for the M-Performance version.

2018 BMW X3 rear

2018 BMW X3 Performance and Fuel Economy

Performance and fuel economy of BMW vehicles always attracts the biggest attention. The reason for it lays in fact that this manufacturer offers really wide spread of engine options, which are constantly improved. This is the case with the 2018 BMW X3 as well, which comes with 4- and 6-cylinder versions of petrol engines, plus diesel and hybrid options. Depending on number of cylinders, BMW will offer both 6-speed manual and ZF 9-speed transmissions. Manual gearbox is expected to be paired with 4-cylinder options, and 9-speeder with the rest of the line-up, since it will deliver high level of fuel savings.

Every drive configuration will be available, depending on engine type, but the majority of the 2018 BMW X3 versions will be combined with all-wheel drive. Performance star in 2018 BMW X3 line-up is, as expected, the M-Performance version with 3.0-litre inline 6-cylinder engine for the US, while Europeans can expect diesel version with 376 bhp. Due to high competition, some experts even say that the 2018 BMW M3 could come with turbocharged 3.0-litre inline 6-cylinder engine which is hood for 425 bhp. Last in the line-up is hybrid variant with combination of a turbocharged 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor. It will be capable to deliver combined output of 242 bhp and 295 lb ft of torque, and paired with 8-speed transmission.

2018 BMW X3 interior

2018 BMW X3 Release Date and price

The model’s arrival is expected by the end of this year, while hybrid variant will probable come few months after, at the beginning of 2018. Since the car is not revealed yet, we can only give you estimated price which is $40,000 approximately, but this number depends on the trim you choose since the price difference is not negligible.

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