2018 Audi Q4 Cost, Release, News

2018 Audi Q4 Cost, Release, News

And here is some exciting news from Audi family which is proudly announcing its new member which will crash and burn its major rivals at the market and will become one of the most attractive models for all layers of car fans. Even though 2018 Audi Q4 is just in the process of creation and it does not have its finalized version we are quite thrilled with all the present features as well as you will be.

2018 Audi Q4 front

2018 Audi Q4 Exterior and Interior

The Audi manufacturers have done a hell of a work on the upcoming 2018 Audi Q4 exterior design. It will be a real eye-catcher and will dazzle spectators wherever it appears. It will have massive body structure with the refined body lines and rather sloppy hood. The MQB platform will enable it to move more dynamically and to have a lightweight structure which will make it efficient as well. The front part of the vehicle will be supplied with the new grille with horizontal lines, sharp LED headlights, and massive air intakes.
The design of the interior surfaces will be utterly stylish and classy. There will be a combination of different high quality materials which will make it look utterly attractive as well as cozy. The combination of the leather and dark wooden details will give it the glamour we always expect from Audi models. The new 2018 Audi Q4 will be able to accommodate five passengers who will be supplied with the safety features; infotainment as well as entertainment options which will make them want their ride to last. The dashboard will be polished, modernized and supplied with the latest technological features such as hands free connectivity, surround system with six speakers, rear view camera, temperature control system, and many others.

2018 Audi Q4 rear

2018 Audi Q4 Engine

In terms of 2018 Audi Q4 powertrains we can say that you will be quite pleasantly surprised with the powerful combination of the two electric motors with the petrol engine. This unit will be able to provide the vehicle with the impressive output of around 288 hp. with the addition of these motors the vehicle will be able to develop an output of 480 lb-ft and fantastic 402 hp. The maximum speed 2018 Audi Q4 can develop will be 155 hp with which it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds which is quite impressive.

2018 Audi Q4 interior

2018 Audi Q4 Price and Release

There is still enough time to make 2018 Audi Q4 a very desirable travel companion and this is why we are still not certain when its grand debut will happen but as usual we could not help ourselves but wonder and try to figure out the closest possible period. So we believe that new 2018 Audi Q4 will come out at the beginning of the 2018 year in January most likely. The price tag will depend on a trim level chosen, so the standard model will start at $45, 000 while the higher ones can come to $50 000 which is quite inexpensive.

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